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Brad goes on KOLR to discuss the importance of life insurance

Most people wait until “someday” to think about a life insurance policy, but “someday” may be too late. Brad Pistole talked with KOLR about the importance of life insurance and how it can be used as a helpful retirement tool.

Inflation Is In Full Force

Brad is invited on KY3 to share his experience with inflation and share ways to help guard against inflation for a more secure financial future.

Is 401K really the best option? A look into retirement savings

401(k) are one the most popular ways to save for retirement, but other investments options could be a better fit for you.

Cash Stuffing, 2022 KOLR

Old-school can be good! Cash stuffing is once again gaining popularity as an effective budgeting method. Brad Pistole spoke with KOLR about the pros and cons of cash stuffing.

4 financial tips for marriage and relationships you should do right now

Happily ever after is everybody’s goal when getting married. But when it comes to money, that fairy-tale ending may be out of reach. Local financial professional Brad Pistole from Trinity Insurance & Financial Services has four financial vows to make with your significant other before walking down the aisle

Why budgeting for holidays now is a good idea, here’s how

Summer is coming to a close, which means the holidays will be here before we know it. Brad Pistole spoke with KOLR about the importance of planning ahead and how to stay on budget.

Back to school Budget

For college students and children alike, back-to-school shopping can get expensive. Financial professional Brad Pistole met with KY3 to share what families can do to help keep costs down.

4 crucial tips for Financial Freedom

Between crippling student loans, credit card debt and overspending, achieving financial independence may seem out of reach for some. Brad Pistole met with KOLR to discuss three ways to make your dream of financial freedom a reality.

Four Steps to Boost Retirement Savings

Saving for retirement can feel overwhelming, especially for those who got a late start. Brad Pistole spoke with KOLR about how you can boost your savings and set yourself up for a successful retirement.

Save some money! 4 tips on how to combat increased inflation

Inflation may be strong, but rising prices don’t have to break your budget. Brad Pistole met with KOLR to share money-saving tips to help combat rising costs. #inflation #budget #financialtips

Cost of Kids Being Home 2022, KYTV

School’s out, and inflation has families bracing for a more expensive summer with the kids at home all day. Financial professional Brad Pistole joined KY3 to share his tips to budget some fun in the sun.

Brad Pistole’s Interview with Robert Powell

Maslow’s Heirarchy and Your Retirement Income Plan

A big factor in investing is ensuring that your money will keep you safe in the future. How can you ensure financial security?

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