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Brad Pistole

Brad Pistole | Retirement Planning Specialist

Brad Pistole, a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF), graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education from Arkansas Tech University in 1993. He holds his Life and Health and P&C licenses in Missouri and Arkansas. He specializes in several different aspects of financial planning including retirement income planning, 401(k) and IRA rollovers, Roth IRA conversions, and tax-free retirement through special types of life insurance. He shows his clients how to use accounts that will reduce, defer or even eliminate their taxes. These accounts have no risk of principal loss and they provide a lifetime of income the clients will never outlive.

Due to his expertise in retirement planning, he has been recognized nationally as a member of Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor Group since 2010. Brad’s professional affiliations include the National Ethics Association and the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). As a member of the MDRT’s Top of the Table, he ranks among the elite members of that prestigious organization.

Brad is also a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF), always doing what is in the best interest of his clients. A gifted writer and speaker, Brad has shared his financial expertise through a book, articles and speaking engagements. He is the weekly host of Safe Money Radio, which airs in Missouri and Arkansas on several different stations. Brad was recognized as the 2018 Safe Money Radio National Advisor of the Year.

In 2019, Brad was recognized with the Missouri House of Representatives Resolution from State Representative Lynn Morris.


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Creating an income plan to last throughout retirement is perhaps the single most important challenge retirees will face. After all, with the fact that we’re all living longer combined with advanced medical science and technology, it’s very probable that people who are retiring today could spend 30 years or more living in retirement without earned income and only from social security and investments to support them. That’s a scary and very realistic thought. That’s why we make income planning our top priority at our firm.  We help our clients establish a solid income plan guaranteed to last as long as they do. In other words, the income plans we prepare for our clients are guaranteed to “go the distance.” Even if that means they live to be 120 or older! They are guaranteed to always receive that monthly check. If an income plan is the most important thing in retirement, peace of mind might be the second. Let us help you create and income strategy you can’t outlive so that you can enjoy retirement with confidence and certainty.
You’ve spent the last 40 years, or longer, in the accumulation phase of planning your retirement. Now it’s time to switch gears and focus on the preservation of your retirement assets. But it doesn’t mean that growth has to stop. In fact, that’s one of the ways we help our clients the most, by helping them receive a reasonable rate of return throughout their retirement years. The difference is, we do it without loss, guaranteed! Did you know that Warren Buffett’s number one rule to investing is to never lose money? He also has a second rule and that is to never forget rule number one! We specialize in helping our clients make asset protection and preservation their top priority. Many people underestimate the devastation of losses to their portfolio due to market declines and don’t realize how difficult it can be to rebuild an account. Did you know that a loss of 25% requires a positive return of almost 34% just to get back to even? A 50% loss of your retirement account means you have to double your money (receive a 100% return) just to be whole again. Think about it. If you have $100,000 and lose 50%, you’re left with $50,000. Now you’re left with the unsurmountable task of going from $50,000 back to your original deposit of $100,000; a return of 100%. How long do you think that will take? Two years? Five years? Ten years or more? What if you experience additional losses in the process of trying to get back to even? What if you’re drawing income from this account? What kind of impact will that have? We believe that the best way to make a dollar is to keep it. Retirement is a critical time and most retirees simply don’t have the time to recoup losses in their portfolios. Let us show you how we help our clients achieve a reasonable rate of return, in many cases averaging 4 to 6%, and without ever subjecting their retirement accounts to loss – guaranteed!
Many of our clients are the ones with the bumper sticker on the back of their RV that says, “We’re spending our kids’ inheritance,” but for many others, their goal is to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren. That means determining (while you’re still alive) where your assets should go after you die, along with a thorough evaluation of potential tax liabilities, probate avoidance and opportunities to leverage the value of your estate using the most recent estate planning tools. Because of the constantly changing estate tax laws and emerging vehicles to help you protect and transfer your assets effectively, it’s important to work with experienced estate planning professionals who stay current in this filed and advise clients on a day-to-day basis. Contact our office today to schedule a one-on-one estate planning consultation.
Changing jobs and retiring are two transition times in our lives that can be stressful. Fortunately, we work with people every day who are in the same situation and looking to take control of an employer-sponsored plan or just need help transferring the money to another employer plan. We make a seemingly daunting task easy and are happy to help you with your qualified plan questions and needs. Here are four things you can do with the money in your employer sponsored retirement plan:

  • Leave the money where it is
  • Take the cash (and pay taxes, plus a 10% tax penalty if you are younger than age 59 ½)
  • Transfer the money to another employer-sponsored plan (if the plan allows)
  • Roll the money over to a self-directed IRA

Let us help you determine if a rollover is the right move for you!

Safe Money Radio

Brad Pistole On Air
Safe Money Radio

Brad Pistole Awarded Prestigious Honor

Brad Pistole honored as Safe Money Radio Advisor of the Year

Brad Pistole, CEO of Trinity Insurance & Financial Services, INC in Ozark, MO, has won the Safe Money Radio Advisor of the Year award. The award, presented in Denver by First Annuity and Insurance Marketing Executive Vice President, Carl Muehlemeyer, honors the professional, civic and community service Brad has provided to his clients, and his community.

Brad graduated with a BS in Education from Arkansas Tech in 1993. He holds his Life and Health and P&C Licenses in Missouri and Arkansas. He is a member of the National Ethics Association and the Ozark Chamber of Commerce. Brad has been recognized with Ed Slott and Company as a Master Elite IRA Advisor from 2010-2017.

He has also been a member of the MDRT – Million Dollar Round Table “The Premier Association of Financial Professionals” from 2011-2017. He was awarded “Top of the Table” honors in 2015-2017. He has been a Gold Eagle Producer for American Equity from 2009-2017 and has been a member of the President’s Club from 2015-2017.

Brad is the Author of the #1 Best Seller SAFE MONEY MATTERS – Finding Safe Harbor in a Storm Filled World and he hosts Safe Money Radio each week on several local stations in Missouri and Arkansas.

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It is a true honor to win this prestigious award.

Brad Pistole

Trinity Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

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